Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Weekly Sunday Night Impulse

Sunday nights have always been weird for me. I guess it's the last push of weekend before the work week starts. It's usually the time when I feel a sudden urge to buy and assemble a large piece of furniture, paint a room, write a symphony, take up a new career or learn to play the didgeridoo. Well, maybe not that last one.

These little urges are pretty much never actually attainable, and serve to keep me from sleeping at a regular hour (securing my constantly sleep deprived but creative state). But good inspiration comes at these times. Fortunately, I live in a city where there are enough 24 hour stores to feed my addiction. Raise your hand if you've made a shameful trip to BigBoxMart at 11:59 Sunday night to purchase four decks of cards, three hundred clothespins, and some new houseplants and potting soil. And while you were there decided you wanted to learn to draw, so purchased a oversized sketchpad and set of ten artists pencils. Yep.

Tonight, my impulse was to design a website for myself with which I would be able to create a lucrative career doing something I love that I may or may not have training in. That led to a very failed attempt at a free Google page when I realized I had not only no idea what I was doing, but lacked the patience to figure it out. Not that this should surprise me, mind you... but it always does.

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